Couple use a loaded gun as a sex toy, a woman was killed during foreplay.

An adult film star was shot in the chest by her lover as the pair were using a loaded gun in a deadly sex game gone wrong, reports claim.

Paloma Williams, 24, was shot dead by Andrew Charles Shinault, 23, while she was using his pistol “for sexual gratification and arousal”, says a person familiar to the report.
The lady is an adult film star and her stage name is Kymberlee. She was accidentally killed while Mr Shinault was sitting on the edge of his bed in his bedroom in Valrico, Florida. Says people familiar to the matter.

Paloma Williams was kneeling on the floor between his legs. She rubbed Mr Shinault’s 9 mm Taurus pistol along his body in an act of foreplay.

Mr Shinault inserted the loaded handgun inside Paloma Williams and used the weapon to make the brunette sexually aroused, he told the cops.

He also rubbed the pistol up along the girl’s body and slid the gun’s barrel between Paloma’s breasts.

According to Mr Shinault, he pointed the gun at Paloma’s chest when she grabbed his hand, causing the weapon to accidentally discharge.#nigeriatunes

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