Cover your cleavage when signing a deal- Kemi Olunloyo advises Tacha.

Cover your cleavage Tacha. Popular Nigeria Blogger Kemi Olunloyo advises Tacha to cover her cleavage when signing a deal. Kemi says she is distracting the audience from focusing on the product rather they are focusing on her cleavage.

The blogger congratulates Tacha on her endorsement, adding that Tacha is giving everyone license to criticize her breast.

She writes these words on her Instagram page: “congratulations on your wig company endorsement. But Tacha please pack your cleavage in when signing an endorsement deal. It is a professional partnership nobody is looking at your wig everybody is looking at your cleavage, and you are giving them automatic license to criticise your breast. In PR and marketing, the product being endorsed is what you sell not your other body parts. Parents of young girls are watching”

see the picture below:

The controversial blogger doesn’t seem to be a fan of Tacha because she always has something to say about Tacha. Do not forget she recently shares a post where she claims Tacha insulted her.

However, Kemi regards are statements to Tacha as free PR tips since her manager Teebliz has failed in that aspect. Meaning that Tacha’s management lacks public relation strategies.

Additionally, she advise Tacha stop the bitterness she has against mercy because mercy won the show.

Consequently, Kemi never fails to emphasis on the fact that Mercy is better than Tacha. She compares mercy’s Ciroc video advert with that of Tacha. Stating the flaws in Tacha’s video.

Conclusively, she also doesn’t like the combination of Tacha and Teebliz, she sees them as “blind leading the blind’. This means that Teebliz could not handle his marriage now he is trying to manage Tacha. Tacha also could not manage her temper which is why she lost. Certainly, Tacha’s fans will tongue-lash the blogger

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