Crossdreser ​Bobriksy shares intimate time with top Fuji artist

Bobrisky is a man but he loves to dress like a woman. He is usually mistaken to be a woman by those who don’t know him. He wears fake breast and fake but pads to attain a woman’s body figure.

He dressed as a woman when went to a top Fuji artist home to hang out with him. He sat on the couch very close to Fuji star Malaika and they snapped a picture together.

Nigerians used to resent Bobrisky but now they have accepted him for who he is. Sulaimon Alao Adekunle popularly known by his stage name Ks1 Malaika. He is a Fuju musician and he is very popular in Nigeria. He signs in Yoruba.

Check out his song below.
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