Daddy Freeze warns his fans against listening to motivational speakers who tell people to become a business owner instead of settling for salary pay job

Nigeria veteran On-Air Personality (OAP) Daddy Freeze has warned his fans against the teachings of motivational speakers who go about advising people not to settle for a salary job but try to create a job for themselves. According to the veteran media mogul, business acumen is a gift and before an individual quits a monthly pay job or decided not to take one in a bid to start a business, he or she must observe to know if they possess that gift.

Moreso, Daddy Freeze explained that there are some salary earners that earn more than business owners.

See his argument below:

Daddy Freeze advised that people that they should identify their strength and work on it, instead of allowing themselves to be tossed around by wind of heresy postulated by motivational speakers who are just trying to tell people they want to hear and not the truth. The truth remains, things don’t work for everyone equally, while some may be successful in doing business others may not enjoy equal opportunity.

Like the controversial media mogul has said, people need to identify who they are first before listening to people. After all, life is individualistic in nature, what works for Mr. A might not work in the same proportion for Mr. B its all depends on identifying oneself first.

However, it is very unfortunate that most motivational speaker just speaks like a magician, they paint life to be easy with their words, whereas life is more complicated than anyone could think. A person who doesn’t have a business acumen at all and whose resilience and fighting spirit is zero will also want to become a business owner after has been brainwashed by a motivational speaker that it is honorable to own a business owner than being a salary earner.

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