Dads are impregnating their daughters in Edo State

Edo State is in the Eastern part of Nigeria. About 8 million people live in the state and the population is growing because of lack of family planning and widespread sexual immoralities.

The State commission for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hon Magdalene Ohenhen revealed a shocking claim to the press. She claimed that lot of fathers in Edo State are having sex with their daughters and getting them pregnant.

She spoke to reporter during a protest organized by a lady named Grace Osakue. Grace led a protest to raise awareness on the immoral sexual activity between a 17-year-old Gift Alonge and her Dad Jacob Alonge. Gift got pregnant for her dad in 2017 and she got pregnant for her dad again in 2018.

Hon Ohenhen

Hon Ohenhen described the situation as very sad, saying the earlier they can stop this, the better. She made the disclosure, yesterday, during a protest by the Brave Heart Initiative for Youth and Women (BHI) led by Lady Grace Osakue.

“It’s a very sad situation. Edo State is becoming something else, and the earlier we stop it, the better for us. It is becoming a normal thing in Edo State for men to impregnate their own daughters,” the commissioner said.

“It is time we stopped all these. Edo State forbids it, it is a taboo. We are begging Edo men to stop sleeping with their daughters, it is an abomination.” – She added.

She also referenced to another case that involved a man who has been sleeping with his daughter for more than 10 years before the case was reported to the police. 

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