Daniella Okeke shows off her Gigantic *ss on her birthday

Actress Daniella Okeke shows her endowed backside and her fans gushed over her customized body shape.  Daniella Okeke was born on March 26th, 1987. She’s 32 years old as of today March 2019.  

She’s an actress and an accessories entrepreneur. She makes her money from selling bags, women fashion accessories, acting in moves and other undisclosed personal businesses.  She was the lead actor in the movie Lagos Cougars.  She became even more famous right after the movie was released. 

Her recent pictures got people talking about how she got her body shape. Some think she did plastic surgery but it seems like she’s always had the nice body.  Her throwback pictures aren’t too different from her recent pictures. 

Daniella Okeke’s throwback

Her birthday is today and she is flooding the Internet with her cake. She posted one picture and captioned “ I WARNED YOU 😋 IT MY BIRTHDAY BABY “

She wrote this prior to sharing her birthday pictures “ please if you don’t like me and you follow me please can you respect yourself and unfollow me now because I am about to flood your timeline with hot pictures. So you probably are going to have a heart attack. This is just a warning” –  Daniella Okeke. 

She dropped 2 hot pictures immediately and some fans hate and other gushed over her some more. 

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