Davido “ Asa Asika owns a house in Lekki and in Ikoyi paid in Cash”

Asa Asika is Davido childhood friend and manager. They have been working together for along time. They fell off and Davido fired him as his manager in 2012/2013.

Davido disclosed that he fired Asa Asika because he was immature.  He expanded on the topic by explaining that he and Asa Asika have different views and they just have to part ways. 

“ I felt like I needed a more mature manager, …. he is still my fiend anytime. “ – Davido said during an interview in 2013. 

Davido worked with other mangers during the 4-year stint that he was separated from Asa’s management team.   Early 2017, Davido fired his manger at the time Kamal Ajiboye and reunited with Asa Asika. 

“ Welcome back yellow and @asaasika ! back to Basics” – Davido

They became better friends and even better business partners. They went on to make million in dollars together and they are both living their best lives. 

Davido revealed that Asa has two houses in the most expensive part of Lagos, Lekki and in Ikoyi.  “ Does your manager have a house in Lekki and in Ikoyi all paid in cash? “ says Davido as he laughed while on a mini work/vacation in the Bahamas. 

Asa Asika manage artists and owns few businesses in Nigeria. He is a millionaire and future is bright for him.

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