Davido baby mama shares provocative bikini pictures and fans insulted her

Sophia Momodu is Davido’s first baby mama and she is going through a rough time with some followers. And it all because she exposed her body.

She shared a bikini picture and the bra top was too small for her breast. Clearly, some of her followers let her have it. They insulted her for exposing her body.

One follower wrote, “Cut down your vacation save some money for your baby don’t come online tomorrow to rant

The follower was referring to her rant about Davido not helping with Imade. Read more about her rant below.

Davido’s baby mama ” I wish I could be a father and mother to my daughter”

Here are the pictures that she shared online. As you can see, a big chunk of her breast is showing under the bra because it wasn’t fully covered. But she is gorgeous and she’s trying her best to make her own money.

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Don’t ever sleep on yourself 🐆😁

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More pictures of Davido’s first baby mama.

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🐆 *in Beyoncé voice* Perfection is so uuhh 😒

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The food, the People >>>> 🥰

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She deleted and ban the fans that post negative comments about her. She only left the good ones.

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Here is what people wrote below her pictures

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