Davido cut ties with Zlatan Ibile and unfollows him on Instagram

Davido and Zlatan Ibile’s relationship suffers following the ongoing drama surrounding Zlatan’s release from EFCC custody. Davido unfollowed Zlatan and deleted his pictures on his social media page on May 15, 2019, due to a misunderstanding.

Nigeriatunes reported the quarrel between Zlatan and Davido following his release from EFCC custody. A back and forth social media argument between both sides led to the quarrel and they are no longer in talking terms. The cases escalated further and Davido cut all ties with Zlatan and his team.

Zlatan, Nairamarley and 3 others were arrested in connection to cases ranging from Internet fraud, advance show payment fraud and Internet bully cases.  The defendants (Zlatan, Nairamarley and 3 others) were in jail until May 14, 2019. Four of them gained freedom via bail. They agreed to terms that require them to stay in the country while they are awaiting trial. 

An earlier report revealed that Davido pulled some strings to ensure that Zlatan was released from EFCC custody. However, Zlatan’s associate said this was incorrect. Also, a media outlet reported that Davido helped Zlatan and 3 other to gain freedom but a man liked to Zlatan Ibile’s camp debunked the claim. He said Davido was not involved in Zlatan’s release. 

The issue escalated and Davido’s personal assistant Aloma_Dmw chipped him, he defended his boss Davido said that some of Zlatan’s camp doesn’t know what they are talking about. 

Davido initial welcomed Zlatan with a post on his social media immediately after he was released, but he took down the post and he unfollowed him on Instagram.  Davido cut all ties with Zlatan as a result of the drama surrounding Zlatan release from EFCC custody. 

Both of them had a good relationship before the arrest, and they have made several songs together. Davido loves to support Zlatan, he always promotes him whenever he is on a big platform and makes sure that he offer to help him to become more popular. 

David and Zlatan songs 

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