Davido ” Follow who knows the road”

Davido spoke in proverbs at first but he later explained himself in a follow-up tweet. He wrote, follow who know the road. Meaning, keep those who show you the way around you.

The road in the above tweet means success. For example, Davido is successful and he is bringing a lot of his friends along.

After his tweet, he added another that says ” Nah my Government sure pass!! All goons on chill!! Whole squad racked up!!!”. This means that he is rich and everyone around his is also rich.

Davido is one of the most generous people in the Nigeria music industry. When he gets paid, he shares his money with everyone under him and he is been able to bless a lot of familie sand friends. Also, his kids are well-taken care off.

He has 2 baby mama, with the 3rd baby mama getting ready to deliver soon. And, they are all happy because he takes good care of all of them financially.

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