Davido got cozy with his baby mama Amanda

Davido is still dating his girlfriend Chioma but he also has a good relationship with his 2 babymamas.   His Hailey celebrated her birthday on May 12, 2019 in Atlanta, United States.   

Davido, his friends, his families and his daughter gathered together to make Hailey’s second birthday a joyful one.  

Hailey turned 2 years old and her parents (Davido and his baby mama Amanda) threw her a Baby Shark themed birthday party. Davido and his friends dressed as a Baby-shark and they entertained the kids and the guests. 

Davido had fun with his daughter and he also got very cozy with his baby mama. Amanda is his second baby mama, she is an African American woman and she is very cool. She is drama free and as a result, she get along with Davido very well.

They were pictured together after the party and this led to rumors that Davido crossed the line. Some people think Chioma wasn’t happy with Davido being too comfortable with his baby mama.

Davido and his baby mama pictures

A news outlet reported that Chioma threw shades at Davido when this picture made rounds on the internet. The headline says ” Chioma swipes aim at Davido and his baby-mama, Amanda ?”

Amanda was very comfortable in a cuddling position with Davido, and it looks like there is something between both of them.

Davido’s girlfriend Chioma Avril reacts to Davido and his baba mama’s picture. She shared the above post and her follower believe that she’s upset with Davido for being too physically close to his babymama.

Check out the video from Davido’s daughter Hailey’s birthday party.

Davido dressed as Babyshark to entertain his princess.

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