Davido “ I can’t wait to see my wife “

Davido and Chioma have not seen each other for over 2 months since Journalist Kemi Olunloyo tried to breakup their relationship after she claimed that Davido’s girlfriend Chioma was s prostitute. A photographer also claimed that Davido cheated on Chioma in a separate accusation.

Spacialspesh ( Davido friend) defends himself after messaged leaked that he said Chioma was cheating on Davido

Davido cheated on Chioma – American photographer leaked text message

The couple has gone through a lot of trials and tribulation but they continue to fight through to stay together. Chioma decided to stay away because of the cheating allegations and the trending rumors overwhelmed her, says someone very close to her. They are finally going to see each other in few days and Davido was very happy about that. 

He wrote “ I see my wife tomorrow after almost 2 months” on his Instagram page.

Davido have been busy with international radio tour in 3 continents. He is currently in the Bahamas for a performance. He was booked to perform along side Reggae legend Buju Banton at the Thomas A Robinson stadium and Chioma is expected to meet Davido at the Bahamas for a good time. 

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