Davido is Blown Away as Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir Turns His Love Song to Gospel Song [Video]

This must be the expression on the face of Davido when he first saw the video.
This must be the expression on the face of Davido when he first saw the video.

Nigerian musician Davido was certainly blown away to see the Sunday Service choir of American rapper Kanye West used lines from his hit single “IF” for a gospel ministration.

‘If’ was a mid-temple hit Davido released in 2017 which talked about how much he loves a certain lady he named ‘Bridget’ in the song. If someone had told the singer that the lines of the song would make it to a church’s altar in 2019, Davido would have probably laughed it off.

In the video Davido shared on Instagram on Monday, Kanye West was seen resting his foot on a speaker at a church’s altar while he enjoyed the melody from his Sunday Service’s choir.

The choir was passionately and melodiously singing the part of Davido’s song which says:
“love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
There’s nothing above you
There’s nothing above you, above you above you”.

The band used the exact instrumentals Davido used for “If” and Kanye West enjoyed every bit of it as he rigorously moved in the rhythm of the choir ministration.

In fact, the ministration was so like Davido’s ‘If’ that one can easily expect the choir to complete the lines with:
“Bridget oh, I like your mini skirt
Oh, girl, you carry sense oh”, and the legendary chorus “If I tell you say I love you oh”!

No wonder Davido captioned the video with “Praise the Lord” with an emoji that expressed how blown away he felt when he saw the video.

See the video here:

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Praise the Lord 😇

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This has further proven how music is truly a universal language. It also proved how far Kenye West is ready to go with his new found love and his Sunday Service which is gradually gaining momentum in the United States.

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