Davido just ordered his private jet but his Dad is worried.

Davido took to twitter to share that he already ordered his private jet.

“Gulfstream airplane ✈️ loading “ he wrote on his Twitter page and people reacted differently. Some said it’s an audio jet while others congratulate him.

He also added that his dad was very worried about him buying a private jet. The reason being that, A private jet is very expensive and the maintenance alone can be draining. Yes Davido’s dad is a billionaire and he knows what type of trouble and expenses that can come with owning and operating a private jet.

Davido’s Private Jet picture will be brought to you as soon a it becomes available. If truly Davido can buy his own private jet, this will mean that he is richer than Wizkid and Wizkid fans are not happy with this. Wizkid FC gang which is a name for dedicated Wizkid’s fans came to strongly attack Davido. Also, the picture to the jet will be available soon.

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