Davido spent thousands in Dollars at Nust. RT salt bae restaurant

Davido and his friends visited the most famous restaurant in the world, ‘Nusr-Et’, and they had lots of fun.   Davido is in Maimi for a show and he decided to test drive the Gold plated steak at Nusr-Et restaurant.  j

The steak is very expensive, each order cost $ 1,000.00. 

Davido spent $2719.08 for his meal at the restaurant. If converted to Naira, it will be N 978,840 Naira at 360 Naira to 1 dollar exchange rate.

Each of the edible gold plated steak cost $ 1,000.00. Davido shared the price in the picture above.

Nurs- Et is one of the most famous restaurant in the world. The owner made it popular with his signatory salt presentation that comes with the food.

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