Davido’s cousin Folashade Adeleke expecting second son with 2nd baby daddy

Folashade Adeleke is Davido’s cousin, she’s Dancing senator Ademola Adeleke’s first child.   She is beautiful and full of discipline. She is hardworking and doesn’t say much about her personal life on social media until now.    

She had her first son when she was a teenager to a guy in America.  She doesn’t talk much about her first baby daddy.   

She started her second relationship with another guys in America. He goes by the name  _Kingchic on social media; he owns a home health care company in Atlanta Georgia, Sweet Mother Home care.   They have been dating for a while and they like each other a lot. 

Sade is expecting her second child by her new baby daddy KingChic, she had a nice baby shower and she referred to herself as a ‘Baby Mama’ on her Instagram post.   She also mentioned that her and her dad, Senator Ademola Adeleke are not in talking terms because she got pregnant again without getting married.  

She said that this broke her heart because she cherishes her family but she’s also pregnant again and she will not abort the child.   Her dad called her and told her that he’s unhappy with her. Read the text of their conversation below. 

He called me and basically told me how my life was going to be over and how I’m not married and this is my second child. It really discouraged me because me being a Christian, I knew I wasn’t ready for an abortion because I’m not killing my child… “  – Folashade

Her first child’s name is Kobe, she’s expecting another son but she didn’t release the name yet. She’s a V Logger in her spare time. 

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