Davido’s father acquires private jet worth $65m for himself (Photo)

Nigerian singer Davido has finally revealed whose private jet he bragged was coming soon in his previous post on social media. The Risky crooner had earlier wrote that his private jet of 19 seater capacity is on its way and would arrive soon. Just that small tweet from the singer almost threw fire upon the social media as many people hailed the singer for being the real money bag man.

See his previous post below:

However, little did the social media community knew that Davido was just playing a fast one on them. If there was a Omo Baba Olowo there must be a Baba Olowo himself. Over the years, Davido has earned a lot of fame for the Adeleke family especially his dad, Prince Adedeji Adeleke. It was his song titled Omo baba Olowo that brought Nigerians to the consciousness that the singer came from a wealthy family. So when he tweeted that new jet here, many people had thought the singer was about to get one for himself.

However, the singer was ironically telling people that the Adeleke family is going to own a private jet soon, but it was going to be him who will buy the jet. Reasonably, the Baba Olowo himself have decided to let Nigerians know Davido is not just shouting Emi Omo Baba Olowo for the fun of it. Prince Adedeji Adeleke has decided to give Nigerians a glimpse of what his net worth could be. The billionaire dad acquired a private jet worth over $65 million for himself to alleviate his transport pain.

Expectedly, the singer took to his social media handle to share the good news, he shared a picture of his dad at the pilot corner of the private jet and wrote;

Congrats DAD on your your (our) new baby!!

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