Disappointed fan lamented on weak leadership ability of Burna Boy

An unidentified but obviously disappointed fan of Burna Boy has narrated how she got injured during a fight between the singer and his team against some unidentified individuals at Club DNA in Nigeria.

The victim took to her social media handle to share the story of how she got a cut in the hand during the fight. However, it seems the cut didn’t pain as much as the disappointment that she later got from the hyped music artist, King Burna who many consider to be the king of African pop and one who preaches African peace through music.

See her post below:

According to the post shared online by the lady, a fight broke out between Burna Boy’s team and some men in the VIP section of the exclusive club. Her disappointment started when she discovered that the singer was very reluctant in stopping the fight that was rapidly turning into a huge fracas.

She stated that she approached the singer to try to talk to his men to stop the fight before it escalated, in fact, she had shown the singer her injured hand just for him to speak to his men. However, the supposed preacher of African peace seems not to be interested in her sorry story. According to her, the singer snubbed her at first and when he spoke it sounded like a raging thunder. Burna Boy yelled at her to visit the hospital for treatment and spare him the sermon, jumped into his car and drove out with his girlfriend.

The unidentified lady who couldn’t swallow the humiliation and disappointment shared the video of her injured hand on social media.

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