Disrespectful: Vector dissed MI Abaga in Judas the Rat song… He dissed Jesse Jagz and MI’s Ex Victoria Kimani took a shot too

If you recall, MI Abaga and Vector are going at it on the rap beef and things are getting interesting. Vector started it first, then MI Abaga responded with Viper, then Vector the rapper came out with another song titled Judas the Rat.

The rapper-Vector was really disrespectful in this verse, he said: ” hmmm Jesse is struggling to make it”, he added other disrespectful things about MI Abaga’s father and his former staffs.

He also questioned MI Abaga’s leadership by saying, why is it that MI was the only successful one when everyone else on the Chocolate City label failed. He took a swipe at DJ Lambo, he mentioned MI Abaga’s ex-girlfriend Victoria Kimani, ” You were the b*tch in the relationship “, Vector said.

Also, Victori Kimani took to Twitter to take a shot at MI Abaga. Apparently, she is still upset that MI Abaga broke up with her and she sided with MI’s enemy, Vector.

Victoria Kimani’s tweet about MI Abaga.
Picture of MI Abaga and Victoria Kimani when they were dating. They broke up a few years ago.

The rap diss was disrespectful and well see if MI Abaga will respond.

Vector diss Judas the Rat.

This is Vector dis song about MI Abaga and this is a YouTube video, press play to watch/listen.

Will Jesse Jagz diss Vector in return? The street is watching and it will be crazy if Jessy Jagz let it slide.

In case you missed it, here is the diss song that MI Abaga released about Vector

MI Abaga released Viper to diss Vector.

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