Divorce: Twitter users slam Jaruma Empire for blaming mother-in-laws

Social media celebrity, Hauwa Muhammad known as Jaruma Empire was under fierce attack today on Twitter for saying that Mothers-in-law are the main cause of divorces.

This is a reaction to the delivery of a baby boy by Chioma, Davido’s wife. She said she is lucky not to have a Mother-in-law.

The 26-year-old sex therapist, entrepreneur and founder of Jaruma Empire Limited is married to Fahad Isabor. But she has remained a controversial figure on social media ever since she came into limelight with her sex therapy YouTube videos.

The attack on Mothers-in-law did not go down well with many people especially for involving Davido’s late mother in her controversial statement.

Jaruma Empire gets reactions

Below are some savage reactions of Twitter users to the notion that ”Mother in-laws are the main cause for divorce”:

@Adunni_Achebe says: I dunno why folks still bother attacking Jaruma. She continually does and says controversial things only cos she knows Nigerians are jobless and are always looking for who to drag. Her business thrives on publicity and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

@Tosjane_ says: Jaruma is indirectly saying she will die before her own child gets married in future. After all mother in-laws are the cause of divorce.

@MistaChika says: Jaruma said that mother in-laws are the reason for divorce. I hope when her son is about to get a wife, she won’t be around so that her son will have a peaceful home. Do I say an amen to this?

@007Soja says: May jaruma not be alive when her son is about to get married. Amen????

@UNCLE_AJALA says: Jaruma says mother in-laws are the cause of divorce, which is very dumb. she also says Chioma is lucky not to have a mother in-law. She’s indirectly happy for Chioma that Davido’s mom is dead, which is a very stupid thing to say. Many people like Jaruma are mad, few are roaming.

@fayookunmi says: Dear Jaruma,you’ll have successful sons and it’ll hurt you not to carry their kids. Don’t dish what you can’t take,you’re such a big disgrace to womanhood.

@onyiachinyere2 says: It’s very simple, If u don’t want ur hubby’s mum to be alive when he is getting married to you then you will have to die when ur son is about to get married.

@Funny_Evil says: May Jaruma not live long to see her grandchildren. IJN. You’re saying Chioma is lucky cause Davido’s mother is dead. May you be dead and we’ll say your son’s wife is lucky cause you died. Big fool

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