Divorced Linda Ikeji spends valentine week with her son

Linda Ikeji is in love with her son and she goshes over him regularly with any post she made about him.

Today, she shared a picture of both of them together and her son is looking so big now. He should be about 6 months right now.

Linda wrote ” happy Valentine from Jayce and I” … ” Wishing you the kind of love you pray to find, or maybe the kind that takes your breath away. Better yet, the kind of love that is true, pure and eternal; the one that brings you only peace and joy. May people who belong in your life find you and stay and may whatever that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you happiness be yours this day and always.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Jayce and I ❤❤❤ .

PS: Jayce..ever ready to take a photo 😅😅😅 ” – She wrote

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