DJ Cuppy bought a Rolls royce wraith

DJ Cuppy shared that she waited 13 months to get her newly customized Rolls Royce wraith. The basic factory version of a Rolls Royce sells for about $ 320 thousand dollars. Therefore, a customized one must cost her a lot more.

Florence Otedola (DJ Cuppy or Cuppy Music) is a world known DJ; she attended NYU University in New York. She is a professional DJ, she DJ at top events that pays a lot more money than regular club gigs.

Her dad is Femi Otedola; he is the Owner and founder of Forte Oil and Geregu Power PLC. DJ Cuppy was smart enough to use her Dad popularity to her advantage in the Nigeria music industry. She easily gets shows based on her Dad’s popularity.

Although her dad’s popularity helped her career, she is a hardworking person with good personality. She is very consistent and she’s very creative.

He is now sings and write songs for herself and others.

Can DJ Cuppy afford a Rolls Royce?

The answer is yes, She makes a lot from her DJ gigs and she’s also a musician. Her source of income comes from music streaming on Spotify, Apple music and other music platform. She get paid to perform at shows as an artist and she get flown around to DJ are gigs that pays more than hosting a concert.

While we thing that she can afford to buy the Rolls Royce, we also think this may be her fathers car. 

After a 13 month wait, finally picked up my new specially built order! 🚘😊 Florence Ote💲 #NewYearNewRide

DJ Cuppy and her New Rolls Royce

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