Do Taxify Drivers Really Accept Sex For Fares?

A Taxify cab

This thing about Taxify drivers in Nigeria accepting sex in place of money is gaining grounds especially on Social Media. Since a lady came out to confirm that she had sex with a Taxify driver because she couldn’t afford the fare, Nigerians have been sharing their experiences about the company.

Taxify, now officially known as Bolt, is a transportation network company. It uses a mobile application that allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their smartphone. The Bolt officially accept payment in monetary value when the client gets to his destination.

However, there is an allegation that there is a new payment method. It ranges from a blowjob to full-blown sex depending on the length of the ride and willingness of the driver.

Of course, the allegation is louder on Twitter. Some users of the platform are alleging that the drivers always do a follow-up on their female passengers. According to them, the drivers always request for relationship from their female clients even after official hours.

Others said it is often the female passengers that request for sex from the drivers when they don’t have enough to pay the bills.

For instance, @Lionezz__ claimed that a Taxify driver recently told him that “there is no week he is not offered random sex by girls who don’t have cab fares”.

The Flipside of Taxify

On a litter note, another Twitter user posted a video of a man in a Taxify cab filled with a variety of snacks with the caption: “This must be the reason why we now have sex for taxify in our country. So, girls can do anything just for this…”

Now, the question is, do Taxify drivers really accept sex in place of money? We await an official statement from the management of the transportation network company.

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