Dokun Olumofin “I reached the gate of death” after consuming Kilishi

A man was in critical condition after eating Kilish and he is warning people to be careful of what they eat in Nigeria.

There are several reports of food poisoning by many people after eating Kilishi. Some are lucky to be alive while some people have passed away after eating contaminated food.

Kilishi is a slice of spicy dried suya meat that is commonly made in the northern part of Nigeria. If the food is not well-prepared flies can lay eggs in it and it can get people severely sick.

Food processing is not properly monitored in Nigeria. As a result, people use fake meat, unsafe process and other unsafe items to make it.

See a video below that shows a Kilishi seller that used a ballon to make Kilishi.
Man claims that some Kilish meat products are fake

Experts Express Concern Over Unsanitary State Of ‘Kilishi’ Production

Watch the warning video below.

A young man ate Kilishi and he landed in the hospital. He was in critical condition for a few days before he recovered. Read his story below.

Dokun Olumofin said; ” I reached the gate of death, but God didn’t allow me to pass through. To all my Nigerians living in America and the United Kingdom. Stay away from Kilishi. I repeat, stay away from Kilishi. A word is enough for the wise. I thank God. Out of the hospital and kicking.”

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