Donald Trump Advises A Nigerian Boy Not To Give Up On His Dreams!

Donald Trump advised a Nigerian

Surprisingly the president of United States of America Donald Trump advised a Nigerian boy not to give up on his dreams as an artist.

This incident occurred when a young boy from Nigeria shares a portrait of Donald Trump and request that he wants the president to really see it. Only because this will be his second portrait of Donald Trump.

Consequently, the young boy drew a picture of the U.S. President and called Donald Trump a great man. He further pleads to fans to tag the U.S. president until he sees it.

After series of tagging the president saw and replies to the picture of him. He says ” not only did I see it @doks_art, I think it is fantastic. You are a wonderful artist never give up on your dreams.

Is Donald advise from his heart?. Is he not the same President who dislikes Nigeria?. Or is he not the same President trying to make USA visa difficult for Nigerians.

However, many Nigerians refer to Donald Trump as a racist. Probably his special advise to the artist will soften the heart of Nigerians towards him.

Obviously, Donald doesn’t have any ill Intention towards Nigerians he just doesn’t like the rate of immigrants in America. He says immigrants are just too much.

Additionally, the boy only identified as Doks_art is extremely honored to be recognised by the president of United States of America Donald Trump.

Fans of the young artist are requesting him to draw a picture of Nigerian president too. Also it will be great to see the picture that has captivated the heart of Donald Trump which he thinks is such a fantastic work.

See the picture below:

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