Download Falz – “Moral Instruction” Album

Moral Instruction Album Tracklist

1. Johnny

2. Follow Follow

3. Hypocrite ft Demmie Vee

4. Talk

5. Amen

6. Brother’s Keeper ft SESS

7. Paper ft Chillz

8. E No Finish

9. After all said and done

Falz released his fourth Album titled ‘ Moral Instruction ‘ on January 15, 2019. 

Moral Instruction album was released under BahdGuy Records label, the album is strictly about Nigeria’s immorality, injustice, bad government, and other bad things affecting Nigeria. 

Falz has been very outspoken about issues affecting Nigeria. He is more outspoken than any of his peers about helping Nigeria to get better, in 2018 he did a remix to a song and titled it ThisisNigeria, the song became very popular immediate because the song touches every sensitive immoral things in Nigeria. From Religious leaders, to politicians, to Runs Girls, Yahoo boys and other bad behaviors that preventing Nigeria from growing.  

Falz released Talk song few days about, and then the album dropped few days later.  Moral instruction album is out on all platforms. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.

You can steam Falz Moral Instruction Album here  , Click the link below to download each track.

After All Said And Done || Amen || Paper || Talk || Brothers Keeper || E No Finish || Follow Follow || Hypocrite || Johnny ||
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