Police Arrests Davido for Hitting Bottle On Someone’s Head in Dubai

Dubai police arrests Davido for stabbing a boy

Dubai Police arrests the popular Nigerian singer, Davido for stabbing a boy with a broken bottle in Dubai. 

Meanwhile, Michael also known as ’dream chaser’ is the younger brother of Abu Abel. The CEO of Obimzy Records is, therefore, the victim. 

According to the report, the incident happened in the early hours of today in an elevator. Around the crab market, in the Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai.

However, the report says that the victim was trying to interact with Davido while in the elevator. Davido is already tipsy, he took it wrongly and broke a bottle on his head.

Subsequently, the police got there when they received a call. And they took the singer away. Whereas, the victim was rushed to the hospital for proper care.

Additionally, Davido’s manager ’Asa’ missed his scheduled flight while trying to handle the incident. 

Confusingly, the singer recently posted a picture of him, the he can finally sleep after three days without sleep.

What exactly is going on? Could it be that his manager took over his social media pages to put everyone into confusion? Or everything is settled within a short while? 

However, Davido is influential and can manipulate the situation. More so, fans are expecting to see if the victim will press charges or allow the cops to let Davido go.


Comments says that, Nigerians are busy causing troubles in a foreign land. It was actress Tonto Dikeh, now Davido. Not to forget that Nigerians are not the only people at the One Africa Music Fest.

This has discouraged the fans a lot. They also say that the trip is a mistake and full of drama. Some even said Davido likes to cause trouble.

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