Ebonyi state police arrested 2 men and voids plan to blow up Idembia bridge with bomb

They were stripped naked and beaten before the police came for them.

Eboyi state police captured two men for attempt to blow up Idembia Bridge in Ezza South Local government Area. The men were accused of planting IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) on Idembia Bridge on the even of the Nigerian presidential election. 

The Nigeria police are on high alert due toe expected violence due to the history of violence surrounding Nigeria Election. The men were arrested from a tipoff from concerned citizens that some people were planning to blow up the bride to make a political violence statement. 

According to the police spokesperson “ they planned to plant explosives in hotels, in flyovers and bridges including bridges built by past administration in the state”.

The men were caught in the act for planning IED at the weakest part of the bridge. They were arrested and turned over to Nigeria army for prosecution. The men appeared bloodied with wounds to their head. We are not sure if they suffered these injuries from the hands of Nigeria police or if they were beating up by citizens in the area. 

“The report came to me as Chief Security officer of this state that a House of Assembly candidate went to quarry site to buy explosives and the people came and reported to us, they refused to sell to him. We had to immediately report to the security agencies and they have the name of the person. They moved into action to arrest the person and I have said they should declare him wanted. Subsequently, four hours later, we got information that a meeting was held and it was agreed to plant explosives in hotels, in flyovers and bridges including bridges built by past administration in the state.

“While we were still examining the authenticity of the information, Commissioner for Internal security called to say that the community and Neighbourhood Security Watch apprehended two people that have succeeded in planting explosives at Idembia bridge but they have not detonated it.

“They were still planting it, they went to the expansion of the bridge the weakest link to plant it. They have been apprehended and sent to the Army and the Army has sent them to the police. So, they are being investigated”. – The spokesman of the police command, Loveth Ogar.

The identity of the suspects was not released to the press.