Egypt government sentenced 75 Muslim brothers group members to death following their involvement in the Pro-Muslim protest that happened in 2013

The protest was organized by the Muslim brothers group to support the Islamist movement leader Mohammed Morsi who was overthrown by the Army. The group engaged in a sit in at the Rabaa al-Adawiya square in Cairo and that lead to hundreds of people getting killed.

Today, Egyptian court ordered 75 members of the Muslim brothers to be killed as a result of their involvement. Over 600 people were jailed, out of 700 people that were accused of murder, inciting violence during the pro-Muslim brother hood protest.

According to reports, many of the Muslim brothers were armed, and 8 members of the securities officers lost their lives in the process.

“Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohamed Badie and dozens more were given life sentences, judicial sources said. Others received jail sentences ranging from five to 15 years. Cases were dropped against five people who had died while in prison” – Wallstreet Journal.

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