Etinosa Idemudia got naked on Instagram live for MC Galaxy – Video

Actress Etinosa Idemudia is also a movie writer and a producer.  MC Galaxy was doing his Freaky Friday giveaway and Etinosa Idemudia asked to join MC Galaxy on IG live.  He gave her permission to join and she warned everyone that she is ready to undress. 

MC galaxy got in trouble last week when he allowed a girl to get naked for 50 k Naira on IG live. A lot of people called him out and insulted him.  This time he tried to not let anyone get naked but Actor Etinosa insisted that she want to get naked. “Time to get naked, naked naked …. Do not drop me from the call “ she said.  

She took few shots of alcohol and locked her door so her boyfriend won’t come in to stop her from gating naked. She took her pants off and then took her top off, remaining her bra only. She was wearing a blue bra.  

She eventually got completely naked towards the end of the video.   MC Galaxy tried his best to stop her but she insisted that she want to be naked and it’s her choice and no one should stop her.  

She was wearing a grey/white underwear, she took off her underwear on live cameral and said “ I have a pot belly but I don pull am.” She showed her P*ssy and Breast on live camera.  

She also took off her bra and showed her boobs and she shacked it left to right and back for people to see. 

MC Galaxy said Etinosa where is your boyfriend and she said that they have broken up and she can do whatever she wants to do and that she want to be naked.

Etinosa Idemudia Naked video

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