Etinosa Releases A Picture of Her in Heaven… See

Controversial Bollywood actress and producer, Etinosa Idemudia obviously enjoy thriving on controversy.

With her bible ashtray controversy fizzling out, she decided to repost a picture of a lady wearing a black outfit with wings behind her. The picture had an inscription on its head which reads: “arriving heaven after everyone thought i was going to hell.”

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She got a lot of bashing for saying the holy book was a scam.

Although she had apologised for what she did during her downtime in a sarcastic way by advertising ashtrays, she is still getting more critics over the action.

The act shows that she is just being her controversial not caring what people say about her as far as she keeps trending and the cash roll into her account.

The Benin-born celebrity who recently won the Next Rated Act category at the African Choice Awards is not going to stop enjoying her life very soon as it has no duplicate which she always states and she continues to entertain her fans with her comic character and display on several occasions.

Not ready to influence anyone’s belief, Etinosa will continue to thrive on controversy as that seems to be her strength. From half-naked dance to a fellow entertainer, MC Galaxy, the Edo lady is not stopping soon. She might be thinking of another prank that will put on her on the trending list again. We will keep our fingers crossed.

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