Etinosa Requests Money To Mess-up A Quran In 2 Seconds!

Etinosa request for money to mess up the Quran

Following the trending news of a Nigerian actress who has messed up a Bible and also threatening to mess up the Quran in 2 seconds. The Nollywood actress Etinosa request for money to mess up the holy Quran. After a fan dares her to smoke on the Holy Quaran.

See the video below:

Recall that Etinosa initially turned the Bible to her Ash tray while smoking. She also shared the video on social media. Some fans however, slammed her for insulting the bible, whereas others ask her to try it with the Quran.

Immediately after the threat, Etinosa demand for a Quran as she will mess it up in just 2 seconds. Also adding that no one has the right to threaten her with a textbook called Quran that is been manufactured in Idumota market.

However, she says it is idolatory to worship and believe in such textbook as God is not in support of worshipping Idols.

As a result of this occurrence, the actress further states that she won’t be giving bloggers free contents. Neither will she give fans free show. She however request for money in order for her to carry out the task. She says she only needs 2 seconds turn the Quran to her ash tray.

Meanwhile, she says she is not afraid of destroying the Quran because she has God’s backing on this.

See her post below:

Practically, she has deleted the post where she requested money but Nigeriatunes was able to save a copy.

She submits that the things her mother brought her up to always hate are things she enjoys doing. Etinosa says she was trained by her mother and she is still receiving training but she is still departing. From proverb 22:6.

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