I Will Give You Out To One Of my Sheikh As Third Wife – Social Media User Threatens Etinosa

Etinosa who requests for money to mess up the Quran

Following up the story of a nollywood actress Etinosa who requests for money to mess up the Quran, a clergy man says he will pay.

This is getting more interesting as the Islamic clergyperson says he will pay for Etinosa’s tragedy. He swears that if she doesn’t smash into pieces then he is not serving “Allah”.

The social media user went to further to say that Etinosa will fall helplessly in love with him. Then she will become a Muslim convert. After all this is done, he will give Etinosa to his Sheikh as his third wife.

See the post below

Does he mean his threat?. So with all Etinosa’s fashion she will end up being a third wife?. That is not too good.

However, celebrities like Harrysong are already interfering in the matter. The musician who is in search of his future bride to be, assures fans that they have spoken to Etinosa already.

Since her comment section has been busy, when she captions her post as “PROJECT”. She says her next project is to destroy the Holy Quran which she calls textbook in two seconds.

Meanwhile, some fans advises her to go ahead and see the consequences. Also adding that she can’t compare the potency of Quran with that of a Bible. Hmmmmm I smell religious conflict here between Christians and Muslims.

As the arguments kept increasing, Harrysong advise Nigerians to show the nollywood actress love. Since no one knows what she is passing through at the moment.

Harrysong also advises fans to be peaceful with their comments so as not to trigger religious conflict. Furthermore, Harrysong says he has told Etinosa not to try it and she will not mess up the Quran.

see his comments below:

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