Famous crossdresser, Bobrisky verbally assaulted by Nigerian men in Dubai (Video)

Nigerian socialite and famous crossdresser, Bobrisky went to Dubai for a function and she was heavily assaulted by Nigerian men in the city. In a short clip that surfaced online, the popular crossdresser was seen with about two ladies walking as fast as much as their legs could carry them after they were been assaulted by some men speaking Yoruba behind the camera.

See video below:

A careful look into the video above, you would notice that Bobrisky was walking so fast without looking back. While the men were heard saying all manner of nasty things to the crossdresser. The funny thing about Bobrisky is that most people don’t even know if he is a man or a woman.

The silver lining is that Bobrisky was biologically born a man but things began to change when he started taking interest in the dress style of a female. Bobrisky became the most popular crossdresser in Nigeria after he alleged that he has now become a woman. However, what she didn’t do was to disclose when she went for transgender surgery.

So the curious thing people want to know is if Bobrisky have the genital organ of a man or a woman. If she had waited to exchange words with the men, there is no doubt that they might strip her naked to satisfy their curiousity. That is the life of a celebrity outside the shores of Nigeria. They are always vulnerable whenever they are in diaspora, only few of them can afford the exorbitant security outfit they employ in Nigeria.

If the assault had happened in Nigeria, the crossdresser would have people she would hold responsible for the harrass, however, Dubai is a no man’s land. No one really give a hoot about who Bobrisky is in the city of Dubai she is as normal as every common man in the street. It is only here in Nigeria that people like Bobrisky are given preferencial treatment.

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