Fans blast KCEE for flaunting $150,000 cash (N54 Million)

KCEE drove around with $150,000 cash on the passenger’s seat in Turkey.

Some fans rebuked him and called his behaviour childish. KCEE is a singer and a businessman, he owns a record label and he became popular after he released Limpopo song.

He is in Istanbul, Turkey, and he drove around with cash in the car. Each of the wards of cash is estimated to be $ 10,000 each and Nigeriatunes counted 15 of them.

KCEE drove around calmly, he took a picture to flaunt the money on social media.

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Stay happy and hardworking, if them know.

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His fellow Nigeria celebrities gave positive comments but other fans called him out. See all notable comments below.

“Stay happy and hardworking, if them know.”, KCEE wrote beneath the picture.

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