Farmer beheaded, body parts and organs harvested away in Ogun

A farmer was killed in his farm in Ogun, his body part and vital organs were harvested and taken away. 

His Neighbors went to look for him after he failed to return from the farm, they found in dead with body parts missing. Some suspected that the 41 years old was killed by ritualist.

The farmer’s name is Fidelis Ikpechi, 41. He was murdered at his far in Ogere Remo Area of Ogun State. His body was recovered in a sack on Friday January 18th, 2019 on Ositely Street, Ogere- Remo.

Neighbors said that Fidelis Ikpechi went to the farm on Thursday January 17th and failed to return home.

“We are very sad and disillusioned with the dastard killing of one of us, in fact we are very pained that a man quietly working in his farm not too far away from his house could be brutally killed like animals, what then is the fate of those whose farms are very far to the town?” Ekirigwe said

His remain was deposited at the nearby morgue and the case was handed over to the Nigeria police for proper investigation

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