Femi Otedola warns Mr Eazi “be gentle with my angel”

The billionaire is very active on social media than expected and he made that known by warning Mr Eazi about his recent post. This is a sign that he is always watching and he would caution Mr Eazi when needed.

Temi Otedola is a daughter to billionaire Femi Otedola and she is dating Mr Eazi. They are in a long time relationship and it seems like they are getting too comfortable on social media.

Mr Eazi left his work to go on a mini-vacation with Temi. They had a good time, they made some videos and Mr Eazi posted one on his social media page. They were dancing and they got too close to each other.

People thought it was a cute video but Temi Otedola’s father though it was too much contact. He commented, ” Take it easy with my angel“.

Billionaire Femi Otedola’s comment on Mr Eazi page

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