Fight between Tacha and Mercy Lamborghini get hotter as Tacha’s fan send death message to Mercy’s family

The fight between the two Big Brother Naija stars, Mercy and Tacha has grown deeper as their fans now involve family members of the two reality stars.

A quick trip down the memory revealed how the big dirty battle started between the two stars. What initially started as a mere competition between 20 people has not translated into a dirty fight between two persons. It could be recalled that Tacha was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija following a bitter fight with Mercy. And it could also be recalled that before that fight, Tacha was one of the potential winners of the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ competition.

See clip from Tacha and Mercy fight in the house

However, she was disqualified a few days to the Grand finale. Reasonably, her fans couldn’t forgive Big Brother Naija and Mercy Lambo for the disqualification of Tacha. Maybe the bitterness for Mercy would not have become this big if she had not won the Big Brother Naija competition for the year 2019, which made her the first woman to ever go home with the big prize.

There is no doubt that among other members that made it to the finals, there was no one that could have put up a better competition with Mercy than Tacha because of her strong fan base. And since winning the Big Brother Naija grand prize is all about the game of number, which means the person with highest votes go home with the prize – Mercy Lamborghini was declared the winner.

Reasonably, Mercy Lambo’s Victory would have served as a salt pour on an open scar on the skin of Tacha and her fan. The duo stars unfollowed themselves on social media as if that was enough.

As recently as yesterday, Mercy’s sister made a cry to Nigerians to help her family beg Tacha and her toxic fan to accept defeat and move on with life. She alleged that Tacha’s fan uploaded their mother and her own image with a caption that suggested that they were dead.

See her post below

The awkward moment we thought both parties have moved on, it appears that one party is still nursing the pain of defeat.

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