Fire on the Mountain for Bobrisky, His Replacement has been Spotted (Photos)

Left: Daniel Anthony and Bobrisky
Left: Daniel Anthony and Bobrisky

Bobrisky crown as the most popular crossdresser in Nigeria is being threatened. A raving crossdresser in Port Harcourt, South-south Nigeria identified as Daniel Anthony has all it takes to give Bobrisky a run for his money.

Recall that the popular crossdresser and media personality took to Instagram recently to declare himself as a girlfriend to an unnamed senator in Nigeria. In the Instagram video, Bobrisky also claimed that the crown as the most popular crossdresser in Nigeria belongs to him alone. He made these statements probably to scare people like Anthony away.

But when you check out the pictures of the emerging crossdresser who LIB says is currently making waves in the Garden City of Port Harcourt, you will understand the fear of Bobrisky.

Daniel Anthony who has not undergone the series of surgeries Bobrisky has allegedly undergone looks perfectly like a lady in her early 20s. He is taller and slimmer when compared to Bobrisky. But only time will tell whether he would be able to gather so much clout and be as consistent as his role model.

Check out the emerging rival of Bobrisky here: Photo Credit: LIB

Bobrisky born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju hit the limelight in 2014 when he constantly paraded himself on social media especially snapchat as a crossdresser and in a relationship with a man despite the fact that Nigeria just signed into law an act banning same-sex relationships.

The 14 years imprisonment attached to the law as a punishment for anyone found guilty of such offence was not enough to stop him from expressing himself as a woman and displaying the luxurious things he receives as gifts from so-called male lovers and admirers. His consistency on that path has kept him relevant to the social media world in Nigeria over the years. We wonder if Daniel Anthony has all it takes to hold his own as much as Bobrisky did.

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