First Lady will Stop Talking when there are Right People at the Right Place, Aisha Buhari Insists

Aisha Buhari and President Buhari

Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari has insisted that she can only stop talking when her husband put the right people in the right places.

She said this when she featured on Journalists Hangout, a television show on Television Continental (TVC).

The First Lady recently issued a press statement exposing the inability and disloyalty of his husband’s spokesperson, Garba Shahu. An action many believed was not appropriate for a First Lady.

While speaking on the television show, the First Lady blamed the busing nature of herself and her husband on not having the right people in the right places.

She lamented that she and her husband hardly have time for pillow talks because they are always busy tending to issues.

She condemned the practice of Godfatherism and blamed it for not having the right people in the right places.

The First Lady said: “I think the people he put in the cabinet, they should just sit up and do the needful. That is why it is not good to have godfatherism,

“We just have to choose the right people to be at the right place so that we would rest; so that the First Lady should stop talking.”

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