Flavour blast fans that wish he was Gay “ Gay kill you and your family “

Nigeriatunes reported earlier that Flavour is on Vacation in Sechelley Island, in East Africa. He shared a picture with a man and a fan wish he was gay.

Flavour and his friend stood side to side and took a picture together. Flavour shared the picture and a fans wrote “ How I wish you are gay under his picture.

Flavour quickly lashed out at the fan in Igbo, he wrote “ gay gbuo gi na ndi be gi “ ( Translation – Gay kill you and your family ).

Flavour takes care of himself a hot and he loves to show his body. His dance moves also makes his fans think that he has a feminine side. He enjoys wining his waist on stage while showing his hips. He also wear tight clothes so most men and women find him attractive.

Another person wrote “ Gay posing “ Flavour gave similar response.

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