Flexy – It’s Possible

“#ItsPossible has an inspiring and powerful influence on people of all ages across the globe, like one of Michael Jackson’s masterpieces, but it’s a unique new-generation

Written by Nelsy Akomor aka Fléxy in 2013, in a very dark moment of his life, immediately he relocated to Milan from Nigeria, to further his musical career. Being faced with such terrible period, Fléxy survived the trying times and wrote It’s Possible, as an instrument to also inspire and motivate others to strive, be better, aim higher, achieve greater and succeed at anything in life no matter what, without limitations.

“It’s Possible” is dedicated to every DREAMER and SUCCESS!
“Dream! Wake up and get to work. Don’t be scared to sacrifice it all for what you believe in” -Nelsy Akomor (Fléxy)

#ItsPossible video is dedicated to our beautiful and beloved children and to the works and amazing legacies of the great men and women, whose photos graced this music video. Humanity is forever grateful to them, for their extraordinary roles and positive impacts.


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It's Possible
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