Footballer Kyle Walker baby mama dumped him after fling with reality TV star

England player and Manchester City star, Kyle Walker have been dumped by Annie Kilner his girlfriend and mother of his three children after his affair with a reality TV star identified as Laura Brown, The Star can report.

It was reported that the ace footballer was dumped by his long-term girlfriend Annie Kilner after she found out about his infidelity with a TV reality star.

According to reports, the player started having a problem after Laura Brown suspected that Kyle Walker has a long term girlfriend. Whereas, Walker had lied to her that though he’s a father, however, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Laura has told her friends back in 2019 that she felt cheated after she learned that the footballer has a girlfriend. The reality star reportedly chatted Walker’s baby mama and girlfriend, availing her with substantial information about their rendezvous at the back of Bentley.

Reasonably, Annie Kilner demanded proof of her claims, Laura then sent a picture of herself and Walker to the beautiful mother of three.

It could be recalled that the couple just got back in 2018 with plans to focus more on their relationship because of their three children. However, Walker couldn’t keep to his end of the bargain.

Interestingly, the Manchester City defender has been left by the two women, the reality star felt cheated after Walker lied to her that he was a single father. Also, his girlfriend and baby mama has also dumped him for not being faithful to their relationship.

While Annie Kilner was describing her first date with Kyle Walker, she said; We drove to a back street where he parked up and we got into the back together.”

“The next time we got together he treated me to a Starbucks from a drive-thru. Kyle told me that he was a dad but never said he was in a relationship.”
“I felt Kyle had exploited me by using his power and wealth.
It could be recalled that Kyle Walker and Annie went separate ways back in May 2019, but they make up just to work more on their relationship. However, it appears the journey of their love life has gotten to a precedent destination.

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