Funny moment commuter sight Police van being used as commercial vehicle in Lagos (Photos)

If there was a list of funny and awkward cities in Africa, I bet the city of Lagos will top the list. There have been some hilarious and unthinkable things that have been done in Lagos. Things that seem impossible to do in other clans, they are all possible in Lagos. We would not be making mistakes if we should conclude that the city is the funniest place to live in Africa.

Each day with different drama in the city of Lagos. A tweeter identified as @caren_diala has narrated how she saw a Police being used as public transport. Well, when the admirable is not available, people will go for the available ones. The current restriction placed on Okada and Maruwa has spelled an inescapable doom for commuters in Lagos.

Reasonably, the ban has also paved the way for some new means of transportation like ferry and horse ride. However, little did we know that we are yet to see it all. The police van is now being used as public transport in Lagos.

According to @caren_diala who shared the story, she could not believe her eyes when she saw the Police van picking up passengers from the Eko Hotel roundabout. At first, she thought it was a joke until she saw people struggling to secure a space in the van.

She took to Twitter to share pictures from the funny scene.

She her post below:

I thought it was a joke today at Eko Hotel roundabout when this police van legit pulled over and started loading Ojuelegba. Omo!!! I couldn’t help it

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