G-Worldwide Planning to Stop Kizz Daniel’s Concert… See Why

G-Worldwide Entertainment (GWW), a former record label of the budding musical act, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe AKA Kizz Daniel, has vowed to frustrate the concert of the artiste slated for December 26 at the Eko Convention Centre, Lagos.

This was disclosed in Lagos on Friday through their lawyer, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN).

Speaking with journalists, Agbakoba said they were pursuing the case instituted against Kizz Daniel in order to restore “faith” in contractual agreements in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

“We represent one of the largest labels and we are very unhappy that one of our artistes, Kiss Daniel, has run away,” Agbakoba said.

The senior lawyer alleged that Kizz Daniel breached ‘a mandatory buy-out clause’ and infringed on the intellectual property rights of GWW.

According to him, the Woju singer signed a seven-year contract with the record label on April 15, 2014, and he had failed to fulfil his contractual obligations in November 2017, when he left the label and founded his own label, Fly Boy Inc.

It could be recalled that the artist changed his name from Kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel in May 2018. The move which didn’t go down well with GWW. They later drag Kizz Daniel to court, asking for N500m as damages.

“We, as legal advisers to some of the people in the business (entertainment), we are going to play a strong and active role to promote the industry.

“What we’re trying to do with this press conference is to call attention to the fact that this nonsense that our artistes or labels, can do what they like, will have to stop. And Kizz Daniel represents the living example of how the rules of the industry are not being followed,” Agabkoba said.

Agbakoba further stated that GWW will apply for an injunction to stop the show because of his contract with the record label.

“And the matter is in court and the court has to decide.”

Drawing a comparism between the $7bn UK football industry to Nigeria’s entertainment industry, Agbakoba said the football rules are so strong that players have to respect heir contracts.

“In Europe if you mess up, you’re in trouble. In Nigeria, they are so lax. So, we’re using this as a test case,” he added.

Speaking further on the reason for the move, the constitutional lawyer, said it is to rescue the Nigerian creative industry and make it grow.

“It is in the interest of artists and labels to work together to create a strong framework for business to thrive. When you go play in a stadium or in a venue, you know that all your rights have been given to you. So, that is why we’re saying, next year, we’re going to take strongest possible measures against Kizz Daniel.

“Part of what we want to do is to strengthen the legal framework around the creative industry. So that you will know that if you enter into a contract, it is a contract.”

Agbakoba therefore warned third-parties to stay away from Kizz Daniel, citing that he is still legally bound to the contract he signed with GWW.

“It would not be in their interest to touch him until the court resolves the case. We are warning all third party people to stay away and let the court give its judgement, one way or the other.”

He also reveald that GWW is ready for an out-of-court settlement.

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