Gambler decapitated a 99 years old aunty because he lost a bet

A 29 years old man is being held responsible for the horrific murder of his 99 years old Aunty.  Owolabi Adewale beheaded his aunty Ebunola Oroboto in Mariasa LN community. Igan road, Ago-Iwoye in Ogun State.  He killed her after accusing her of being a witch, says a witness.

Owolabi Adewale

Owolabi is a serial gambler, but he doesn’t think that he is responsible his for actions whenever he lose a bet. Instead, he picked on his old aunty and blamed her for his loses.  He said that his aunty is a witch and that she’s the one behind his misfortunes.   

Owolabi played Baba Ijebu and he lost, he immediately turned to his Aunty and murdered her cold blooded, detaching her head from her body.  

Baba Ijebu is the oldest gambling company in Nigeria. It offers sport betting, lottery numbers and horse race betting.

We are not sure if he’s been arrested but we expect that the Nigeria police would have arrested him and charge him to court for killing his aunty. 

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