Ghanaian pastor sells coronavirus anointing oil to his members for Ghc 200

A Ghanaian man of God identified as Bishop Daniel Obinim the founder of International Godsway Ministries has commenced the sale of anointing oil to save his members from getting infected with the deadly Coronavirus. The Ghanaian based pastor revealed that he fears that the virus may find its way into Ghana after Nigeria came under its attack.

He had sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to safeguard the members of his church from coming in contact with the deadly epidemic. So he decided to pray into an anointing oil and sell it to his members to prevent them from being infected.

According to the report, the oil is sold for Ghc 200 an amount equivalent to N13,000 in Nigerian currency. The man of God revealed that the oil has been endorsed by the Heaven’s Division of Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)

People make a huge business deal with any situation. It would be recalled that the Federal Government of Nigeria has promised to take a legal step against suppliers of preventive suppliers like face mask, hand sanitizer and rest who inflate the prices of the supply due to the unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria.

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Also in the other news, a Nigerian pastor identified as Elijah David once promised to travel to China to fight the Coronavirus before it gets into Nigeria. He revealed the there is nothing that can not be controlled in the realm of the spirit. However, before the man of God could make a move, the virus has found its way into Nigeria. Trust the guts of Nigerians, they begged the man of God not to bother about traveling abroad, he should instead fight the virus in Nigeria first.

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