Ghanaian singer, Fantana experienced menstrual pad wardrobe malfunction.

Popular Ghanaian singer, Fantana exposes her menstrual pad during a live performance. 💃💃The singer whose sanitary pad did not fit in well into her panties suffered a backlash from fans after the video of her performance went viral. Fantana was slammed by some Ghanaian social media users for not wearing underpants when she knew her dress was skimpy. But truthfully, it is one of those things that happen to humans.

Celebrities are not left out from wardrobe malfunctioning. While other of her fans shade her for this act, others believe it is normal. They say the female period happens unexpectedly sometimes. Some people are failing to sympathise with her, questioning why she didn’t wear any underpants knowing very well her dress was overly revealing. 

Wardrobe malfunction which accidentally exposes some private parts of renowned personalities is not a new trend in the entertainment industry globally, but the interesting thing is that it mostly happens to women. Just women.

The Ghanian celebrity has taken her time to reply to her trolls.

According to Fantana, she had her flow just thirty minutes to her performance and had no choice than to wear a sanitary towel beneath her transparent dress.

 “I refused to let my menses stop me from performing when I felt it coming 30 minutes before I went on stage last Saturday at the Fantasy Dome. Regardless of my costume being transparent, my only option was to put on a sanitary pad and still go-ahead to perform. I am a woman and I’m not ashamed of menstruating”

It is okay for women to also have their periods. Menstruation is not a taboo.

Watch the video below

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