Ghanaians attacked Nigerians at their shops at Kwame Nkrumah Circle market… forces them to close shop

Tension is brewing in Ghana and another Xenophobia attack may happen if it’s not controlled immediately. A video shows Ghanaians storming the Kwame Nkrumah Circle market and forcing Nigerian citizens to close shops.

They looted some of their goods and told them to stop selling. A victim’s wife shared this video online along with this message “Ghanaian traders at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Ghana closed the Nigerian traders’ shops on Sunday 1st December. The Nigerians refused to be intimidated, came on Monday morning and broke down all the padlocks the Ghanaians used to lock the shops…then fight started with Ghanaians bringing out a lot of dangerous weapons, and Nigerians facing then with full force before. Ghana police were able to control the situation.
Ghanaians want the Nigerian traders to leave their market…it is not fair as we also have a lot of Ghanaians trading in Nigeria without issues.”

There are many Nigerian settles in Ghana, many set up shops while some hawk good in the street. However, a Ghanain group is accusing Nigerians of violating its trade law.

The traders accused Nigerian traders of violating section 27 of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Act 865. The law states that “the sale of goods or provision of services in a market, petty trading or hawking or selling of goods in a stall at any place in the country must be reserved for Ghanaians”.

They hereby warned Nigerian to stay away from the following.

  • Operation of taxi or car hire service in an enterprise that has a fleet of less than twenty-five vehicles
  • Operation of a beauty salon or a barbershop
  • Printing of recharge scratch cards for the use of subscribers of telecommunication services
  • Production of exercise books and other basic stationery
  • Retail of finished pharmaceutical products
  • Production and retail of sachet water.
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