Gifty, a former BBNaija star says her Ex-husband David Sorochukwu Akumah is impotent, broke and a psychopath.

Gifty became famous after appearing on BBNaija reality show. She is always in the middle of one controversies or the other. And when there is no issue going on, she’s probably starting one drama on her own.  

She was on BBNaija in year 2017, She has a beautiful daughter, and she’s been married twice.  

She did an Ask me anything post on her social media story and a fan asked about her relationship.  “ NO harm pls, 2017 it was said you have a son and was married, please how true is that? “ – The fan wrote.

Gifty quickly responded and said that her ex husband was a Psychopath; she followed up by saying that he is also impotent.

Here is the full text of what she wrote “ 2014, I got married to someone who I though was what I wanted, not knowing he was a psychopath. That same year we got divorced officially. That same year I got threatened by him (yep y’all don’t even know a quarter of my story, yet y’all judged). Anyways I was naïve. I was in Lust. There was no official court wedding (besides his only property was an old pathfinder car). But I have never had a son by him (he was impotent) or for him. I just have one child and her name is Alisha. “  

This post caught a lot of people by surprise; she called him broke, impotent, and labeled him as a psychopath. 

Here is a video of Gifty twerking in a pool

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